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Housingcorporations De KeyEigen Haard and the municipality of Amsterdam are the initiators of this special housing project.

De Key

Woonstichting De Key is a housingcorporation with over 37,000 rental units in Amsterdam, Diemen and Zandvoort. The theme ‘Space for movement’ gives direction to the choices that De Key makes. This means that De Key contributes to the dynamism of the city, by offering people inside and just outside Amsterdam the opportunity to take their first steps in the housing market.

Eigen Haard

We rent out 55,000 homes for an affordable rent and we want to expand this number in the coming years. In 2020, at least 90 percent of the housing is social rent. We rent out the rest in the middle segment. Thirty percent of our vacant social rental homes have a rent lower than € 478.00. 75 percent of our homes go to people who are entitled to rent allowance. We also reserve homes for the group that is just above it. Our middle-segment homes go to middle incomes that do not stand a chance in the free market in our region.

Municipality of Amsterdam

Many people want to live in Amsterdam. This creates pressure on the housing market. In order to ensure that there are enough homes for everyone, additional temporary housing will be built alongside regular (social) rental and owner-occupied homes, such as Startblok Elzenhagen.

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