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Wondering what Startblok Elzenhagen will be look like? What is paramount in the development of the building plans? We are happy to give you a first impression!

Wetlands on Elzenhagen

‘At the request of local residents, we try to give the project the most friendly appearance possible’, says project manager Jeroen Rademaker. He takes care of all technical matters that come with the development of Startblok Elzenhagen. ‘The complex will have a green outdoor space with’ wetlands’. These wetlands have a rice-field-like structure that allows rainwater to drain directly to the ditch via bamboo and pebbles, instead of to the sewer. Furthermore, there is a lot of attention for the appearance of the building, which gets beige brown colors and a wooden facade. During construction, as many natural materials as possible are used.’

Project developer Jeroen shows the scale model.

Future-proof and environmentally-proof

The houses themselves are also designed to be as sustainable as possible. ‘We provide good insulation, triple glazing, thicker walls and a roof with solar panels, so residents can use green energy. The building will also become gas-free. By using heat pumps that heat the house with hot groundwater, you automatically have underfloor heating and use less energy. Residents therefore have to pay less service costs. With these facilities we anticipate the increasingly stringent environmental requirements. So these homes are already environmentally proof for 2027!

‘Re-use homes ‘In ten years’ time the site will be redeveloped and the construction of a new residential area will start,’ adds Jeroen. ‘The homes at Startblok Elzenhagen are modular, which means that they can be separated and re-built elsewhere. So we can use them elsewhere in ten years’ time.’