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Self organization

In addition to self-management, everyone will soon have the opportunity to contribute, by organizing something themselves. By organizing an activity/workshop yourself or taking part in it, you help your neighbors go one step further. You meet new people, learn something new or do something fun together. Creating social cohesion and building a community are paramount in this.

Do what you want to do

Almost everything is possible. You can organize activities in the field of sports and games, cooking and eating movies and music. You can also organize workshops on a theme evening about an interesting subject of a language exchange activity. This can be done once, but it is also possible to do this more often. The sky is the limit!

Residents association

All residents of Startblok Elzenhagen also become a member of the residents association at the moment they sign their rental contract. The board of the association has residents who have voluntarily taken up this position as a function. Its main task is to support residents who want to do something. This can for example be done with an activity plan or financial support. This residents association receives € 2.00 each month from every resident via the service costs. They can facilitate initiatives from this activity budget.

Become a resident