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Who is it for?

Startblok is for everybody from the ages of 18 until 27 years old who want to be socially engaged and want to actively contribute to their own living environment. The 540 housing units offers room to 270 young status-holders and 270 working youngsters or students from the Netherlands. These youngsters bring their own life experiences and knowledge and can use this to build a rich, vibrant community in which their input is heard and efforts are most valued.

Building a future together!

Initiative first!

In order to reach these goals, Startblok has to offer a comfortable living environment where everybody feels appreciated, supported and at home. By applying ‘self-management’ and ‘self-organisation’, we create a setting where everybody is inspired to make the most of themselves and others. Because only together we can build this community!

When do I qualify?

  • You are between 18 until 27 years old.
  • You are registered with Woningnet (selecting is done on the basis of waiting time and motivation).
  • You are socially involved and get enthusiastic about the idea behind Startblok.
  • You are a student (MBO / HBO / WO), you already work or you are looking for work and you can prove that you do not earn more than € 38,035 (bruto) per year.
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