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How to apply

Are you interested in living at Startblok? Do you want to live with Dutch youngsters and status-holders and contribute to a community to build a future together? Depending on your situation, you can apply in several different ways. Please take note that in order to build a successful community we carefully select each tenant.

How to apply

Step 1

Check if you meet the requirements* to be allowed to live in Startblok Elzenhagen.

Step 2

If you are not registered yet, register for Woningnet.*

Step 3

Sign up for an information meeting. Startblok publishes an advertisement on Woningnet containing information about the property. The advertisement has the name J.H. Hisgenpad. Startblok has two different size houses (20m2 and 25m2). Though this advertisement you can register yourself for an information meeting. Depending on your waiting time, you may or may not be invited to an information meeting.

Step 4

Visit the information meeting. During this meeting you will hear everything about Startblok Elzenhagen. What can you expect? And what do we expect from you? To be able to register further, it is mandatory to visit an information meeting.

Step 5

Still interested? After the meeting you will fill in a motivation form. Based on this you will or will not be selected for a home.

Step 6

Selected? Congratulations! You will receive an invitation from us to sign your rental contract. We also ask you to prepare a scan of your passport and most recent income statement***

Step 7

Before you move into your new home, you are invited for an appointment at Startblok Elzenahgen. Here you will get to know the self-management team and get practical information about living in Startblok Elzenhagen. You will also receive your keys at this appointment.

Step 8

Time to move!

Step 9

Meet your group manager and explore Startblok Elzenhagen.

Register for the information meetings!

When we have units available for rent, we advertise them on Woningnet. For each type of unit, we have a different advertisement. Choose the right type of unit below.

Unit 20m²

  • For tenants aged 18-22 years (due to housing allowance)

Not available

Unit 25m²

  • For tenants aged 23-27 years (due to housing allowance)

Not available

Leave your e-mailadres here, then we will send you an e-mail when there are studios available.

Your e-mailadres will only be used to send you information about the studios at Startblok Elzenhagen. Your information will not be saved.

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